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Contemporary furniture, great design ideas, entirely yours.

Whether you’re moving into your first house or redesigning a home that has been in the family for years, the Contemporary Design Group retailers offer modern and contemporary furnishings to make your place beautiful and uniquely yours. We have assembled a variety of furniture styles and design tips in our annual magazine to help motivate you and bring out the interior designer that lies inside all of us. We invite you to take a look at our showrooms to find the one nearest you, or read our tips and tricks to help get you started.

Tips, Tricks and Ideas


Luxury and Durability

Once, having a young family meant putting your interior design dreams on hold. White couches plus juice boxes equaled disaster, and pets were a whole other source of textile-ruining accidents. But thanks to advanced performance fabrics, a busy family life and luxury furnishings now go together just fine. The only…

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Essential Design Tips

Interior design is more art than science, and your intuition and personal taste are the ultimate arbiters of what works for you. With that said, even the experts have certain guidelines they fall back on time and again, because they work in every space. You can’t go wrong if you: Create a focal point – Choose a single large…

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Contemporary and Warm

Breaking with tradition is exhilarating, but sometimes cutting edge design feels a little cold and impersonal. There are ways to ease into contemporary design, incorporating some of its sleek materials, glossy finishes, and minimalist approach while still retaining the warmth of traditionalism you crave. Here’s how to indulge…

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