Better by Design

Tips and tricks to bring out the interior designer in you.

A fabric ottoman with a tray doubles as a living room table

The Big Easy
A modern ottoman as coffee
table provides texture and comfort.

Here are seven savvy solutions from our interior design team to help take the guess-work out of creating the perfect space, and help make every room in your home luxuriously livable.

In Your Comfort Zone
To break up a large space, allow for different areas of interest by creating conversational seating groupings anchored with area rugs. You can also define zones with large houseplants, bringing the outdoors inside, and adding life and improved air quality to your space.

Mirror, Mirror
Large mirrors with interesting or minimalistic frames add light – and can even double the visual look of a room. Try them in different places until you get the most light, or create an illusion of depth by facing your mirror opposite a strong focal point.

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Nesting living room tables give everyone a surface of their own

Turn the Tables
Nesting tables are a popular
trend and they save space when
tucked away.

Light green and blue throw pillows on a biege couch light up this already open concept living room

Working Away
A dedicated workspace keeps
your partner’s laptop out of the bed.

Space, the Final Frontier
Giving your furniture lots of breathing room gives the individual pieces visual focus, as well as making a room look larger. Think about what you do in the space and where the traffic flow lines are. Move furniture off of the walls, and evaluate the number of pieces in a space.

Get the Hang of It
When hanging a large piece of artwork, try centering the picture at 57 inches from the floor. This is eye-level for most people. When creating a picture grouping, center the collection with the largest piece in the middle and work your way out on each side, varying sizes.

Information Overload
Your home should be an expression of the people who live there, but editing decorative items is key. Don’t be afraid to showcase a few of your personal mementos and pictures, but narrow it down to the ones you love the most, so each piece has sufficient space around it, to give it focus and importance

Intricate wired designs give this mirror a unique look

Be Light Hearted
Light up a hallway or entranceway
with a stylish mirror.

A beige fabric couch on wooden tables on a textured rug

Keep it Interesting
Give your bedroom a quick makeover
with different throw pillows for each season.

Brushes with Brilliance
If you’re moving into a new home and bringing some of your existing furnishings, or if you’re starting from scratch, pick the paint color last. It’s easier to coordinate your paint to the color scheme of your furnishings than the other way around.

Be Bold
Try unexpected pairings and personal touches. If you don’t like what you’ve arranged, you can always try something different. The main objective is to make you feel welcome and at home while giving your home a fresh new look. Once you’ve achieved that, you can sit down on your favorite chair, relax and enjoy the view!