Bright Ideas

Transform your home with the perfect lighting mix.

A clear glass lightshade and exposed electrical cord gives an industrial feel

Perfect Touch
Lighting can create a signature look
for interest, or it can work in harmony
with the overall theme of your space.

Have you ever walked into a home and felt instantly welcome and at ease? Where everything seemed to be in just the right place, and the space just flowed seamlessly? It may not just be the design elements that made you feel that way. Lighting plays an equally important role in defining a space and creating a mood. Here are some bright ideas to help you achieve the perfect lighting mix.

Shine On
Want to create drama in an entranceway, dazzle a dessert tray or romance the night? The right lighting can make all the difference. Whether it’s soft and magical, or bright and crisp, lighting can influence how you feel in any room. Need to focus on work? Create a task area with bright, low-level lamps that draw attention to the work area. Mellow a room with softer shades and warmer lights.

Night and Day
Create a space that does double-duty with brighter, recessed lights placed in the ceiling and softer, more intimate lighting closer to a table or chairs, so you can change the feel with the flick of a dimmer switch. The bedroom should have a combination of lighting fixtures – with lower lights for reading or relaxing, and higher, ambient lighting for making the bed and dressing. Kitchen areas can also benefit from under cabinet lights in addition to overhead lights, and hanging pedestals to create a focus over eating islands.

As important as the right light fixtures, the right type of light is also key for setting the tone of the room. Both traditional and LED bulbs come in a variety of color ratings from soft to bright, warm to cool.

Helpful Tips

  1. Layer
    Create dual-duty rooms with layers of lights.
  2. Be Creative
    Consider using chandeliers in non-traditional spaces.
  3. Working?
    Use brighter task lights for work areas.
  4. Divide
    Define different areas of a room with light.

Modern hanging lights that complement and living room or dining room

See the Light
Pendant lights can be works of art
as well.They create layers of light,
and give the room a dramatic focus.

A tapered light fixture with a soft glow

Hang Together
Light fixtures can define the style
of a room – from sleek and modern
to traditional.

In the Limelight
Lighting can also be used to define areas within a room that are used for different functions, creating cozy corners with standing or desk lamps, and spotlighting art and decorative pieces with accent lighting.

As a general rule, you can use recessed or track light for ambient illumination, wall fixtures or sconces to highlight certain areas, table lamps for intimate spaces, task lights for workspaces, and chandeliers to create an elegant statement – in virtually any room.

The right lighting can enhance the comfort and style of your home – creating a welcoming feeling, and bringing your space to life. We welcome you to come in and speak to any of our design consultants to learn more about how to transform your home with the perfect lighting mix.