Made For Each Other

They say opposites attract. Here’s how to create the perfect marriage of antique and contemporary furnishings.

Perhaps you bought a heritage home, but want a state-of-the-art kitchen. Or married an antique collector who moved into your minimalist loft. Or maybe you just like to mix things up. Whatever the reason, new and vintage furnishings can work together seamlessly, and often. The whole has a greater impact than the sum of its parts.

Tweed fabric couch against an old, rustic wall

In Your Element
Architectural elements can add
drama to any room. They stand
out even more when paired with
straight-lined furniture.

Deep grey couch and chair on a plush rug in a loft

Set the Stage
An old loft combines well with
clean modern furnishings.
Adding antique and vintage art
and accessories completes the look.

Something Old, Something New
When it comes to interior design, history often repeats itself – old styles eventually become new again. So why not let old and modern live together in harmony? Combining contemporary with antique or retro furnishings can create a breathtaking space that transcends the trends of time, and often, it’s the unexpected contrasting of styles that creates the most interest. An 18th century armoire can couple with a modern Barcelona chair – a relationship 300 years in the making!

Location, Location, Location.
If you haven’t already inherited a mix of furnishing styles, start by collecting some pieces you love. These could be modern pieces, antiques, found objects, flea market finds or even your children’s artwork. If you love the pieces, there is a good chance they will work somewhere in your home. Next, put the key furniture pieces in place that will need to be there functionally, such as your dining room table.

Now the fun begins: experiment by trying your modern and eclectic pieces in different locations until you find a place that works best. The only rule is scale – you don’t want three of your dinner guests sitting taller than the fourth, but other than that, anything goes.

White walls and dark accessories are brought to life with a bright yellow couch set

At Ease
Simple rustic touches and the
right signature antiques can make
the biggest difference.

Winged blue chairs stand out against an exposed white brick wall

Flying High
A modern take on the tradition wing
chair compliments the vintage sign.

Repurpose, Reimagine.
A secretary desk can become a storage place for bathroom towels and soaps. An antique kitchen counter with turned legs can live between two marble countertops. A new loveseat can embrace vintage pillows. And, unless you love the existing patina or fabric, don’t be afraid to refinish or reupholster to coordinate with your new pieces.

A piece with a tired brown finish may find new life painted in a bold Chinese red. Bronze an ornate plastic frame. This is your chance to create something new out of something old.

In the end, it’s all about balance and harmony, but that doesn’t mean ornate won’t blend with sleek or wood with steel. Just try different combinations to see what you like best. It may take a little longer experimenting, but the results are more than worth it, and if you’re stuck, you can always come into our store and speak to one of our knowledgeable design consultants.