Interior design tips from professionals nationwide.

Do you want to combine modern and retro styles? Are you dreaming of that majestic bedroom fit for royalty? Looking for the perfect lighting to bring a room to life? Regardless of the task, we have collected some of the best design tips from interior designers across the country to give you advice for any interior design project. Browse our articles below to help guide your project to the finish line or to get inspired to start a new project that’s outside of your comfort zone. The home of your dreams isn’t so far away anymore!

Tips, Tricks and Ideas


Update Your Style

The great thing about accents is that they are as permanent or as temporary as you want them to be. Mirrors, cushions, window treatments and rugs can be swapped in and out of rooms as trends, seasons and your personal tastes change. Whatever your furnishing style, accents are a quick way to breathe fresh life into the room…


Design with Light

The right lighting can completely transform the mood in a room, creating a sense of freshness, intimacy, or drama. Yet many of us only pay attention to lighting when it’s going wrong! By learning a few fundamentals of lighting design, you can make choices that enhance the dramatic potential of your home…


Luxury and Durability

Once, having a young family meant putting your interior design dreams on hold. White couches plus juice boxes equaled disaster, and pets were a whole other source of textile-ruining accidents. But thanks to advanced performance fabrics, a busy family life and luxury furnishings now go together just fine. The only…


Essential Design Tips

Interior design is more art than science, and your intuition and personal taste are the ultimate arbiters of what works for you. With that said, even the experts have certain guidelines they fall back on time and again, because they work in every space. You can’t go wrong if you: Create a focal point – Choose a single large…


Contemporary and Warm

Breaking with tradition is exhilarating, but sometimes cutting edge design feels a little cold and impersonal. There are ways to ease into contemporary design, incorporating some of its sleek materials, glossy finishes, and minimalist approach while still retaining the warmth of traditionalism you crave. Here’s how to indulge…


The Language of Color

Have you ever entered a room and felt mysteriously soothed — or immediately alert? It may have been nothing more than color at work. The colors used to decorate a space can have profound effects on the way we experience it. Peaceful blue – The color of clear oceans and summer skies, blue has a natural association with…


Made for Entertaining

Summer cookouts are just the beginning. Entertain friends and family year-round by equipping your home with the best in dining, bar and cinema furnishings. Dining – Whether you use it every day or reserve it for guests, a formal dining room sets a special tone for meals. What better way to showcase your style and enhance the dining…


Double Duty

Whether it’s a condo or a more generously proportioned house, we all expect the space we have to perform a lot of functions. One way to ensure that your home is working both harder and smarter is to furnish with pieces that serve multiple functions. Flexible seating – Modular seating already offers fantastic flexibility…


Designed by Designers

Contemporary design history is filled with colorful personalities who explored and developed indelible new styles, like Charles and Ray Eames; Ludwig Mies van der Rohe; Milo Baughman; and Vladimir Kagan. What these very different designers had in common was that they poured attention into every detail, and never…

Bring the country to the city with these rustic end tables

The Green Indoors

Invested in the Earth. We think of “sustainable” as meaning made from material that is being replenished, such as wood that is being re-forested, however when it comes to furniture, choosing sustainable products means so much more. It means picking durable pieces made from eco-friendly materials – investments that…

A beige fabric sofa with patterned throw pillows beside a window providing all natural lighting

Small Space. Big Impact.

When space is limited, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style, you just need to get a bit more creative. Here are some design solutions to help you realize the potential of smaller spaces, and make the room feel and look bigger too! Take the Floor. The first step in designing for a small space is to draw out…

A long dark wood grain dining room table withe beige fabric chairs

Weave Some Magic

We’ve all fallen in love with the open plan home, be it a modern condo, artsy loft or traditional house. Gone are the days when the cook was isolated in the kitchen, cut off from all the conversation. But with the absence of walls, comes the challenge of defining space: how do you create zones for work and play…

Light blue patterns on throw pillows combine well with light blue vases and other accessories

A Pattern For Success

They say opposites attract. Here’s how to create the perfect marriage of antique and contemporary furnishings. Patterns are everywhere in our homes – from pillows and curtains to armchairs and wallpaper. But sometimes achieving a seamless look by mixing and matching patterns can be daunting. Here’s a few tips to…

Recovered wood woven together makes the base for this glass-top living room table

Made For Each Other

They say opposites attract. Here’s how to create the perfect marriage of antique and contemporary furnishings. Perhaps you bought a heritage home, but want a state-of-the-art kitchen. Or married an antique collector who moved into your minimalist loft. Or maybe you just like to mix things up. Whatever the reason, new…

Dark brown leather couch and a multi-grain wood wall gives a luxurious feel to this living room

Bright Ideas

Have you ever walked into a home and felt instantly welcome and at ease? Where everything seemed to be in just the right place, and the space just flowed seamlessly? It may not just be the design elements that made you feel that way. Lighting plays an equally important role in defining a space and creating a mood…

High ceilings and oversized artwork give a majestic feel to this living room

Better by Design

Tips and tricks to bring out the interior designer in you. Here are seven savvy solutions from our interior design team to help take the guess-work out of creating the perfect space, and help make every room in your home luxuriously livable. In Your Comfort Zone. To break up a large space, allow for different areas of…

Textured fabric and bold design makes this throw pillow stand out

The Great Escape

Do you dream of cuddling in bed with a cozy fire, surrounded by your favorite pieces of art or moonlight streaming through a windowpane, turning everything it touches into magic? Sumptuous and sensual, calming and relaxing, or invigorating, and inspiring, your bedroom is a place where you can express your…